Do you accept large quantities of containers?2019-07-16T12:43:55+10:00

Yes. Our manned depots have automated sorters that are suitable for large and small quantities of containers. If you have large quantities of containers to return, we’re able to process your returns far quicker than unmanned vending machines

Is Cash 4 Cans Bucks 4 Bottles an official NSW Return and Earn Scheme Partner?2019-07-16T12:40:54+10:00

Yes, all our depots are authorised return points under the NSW Return and Earn Scheme.

What containers are eligible?2019-07-16T12:38:35+10:00

Only certain containers are eligible for return under the NSW Return and Earn scheme. For more information information about eligibility please visit the links below:

Do you have a maximum or minimum return limit?2019-07-16T12:34:44+10:00

No, you can return as many or as few containers as you require.

Where are you located?2019-07-17T12:18:07+10:00

We have manned, automated depots in Blacktown, Coffs Harbour and Newcastle. More information our locations is available here.

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